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A multi-tasking fan barehanded a foul ball without dropping his phone or spilling any popcorn

Friday night's Indians-D-backs tilt at Chase Field was won by Arizona, 7-3, in a game that featured at least two stellar plays by fans in the stands. At one point, Francisco Lindor homered to right field and the ball was caught, appropriately, by a man in a Cavaliers jersey. 

The other instance of an impressive play in the stands came in the top of the sixth, with Tyler Naquin at the plate. Naquin fouled off a pitch down the third-base line, where it headed toward the outstretched hands of a few fans -- and, despite the best effort of a gentlemen in a green polo shirt, the ball found its way to a guy behind him ... a guy whose left hand was gripping both his cell phone and a box of popcorn. Very small room for error, here.

As foul balls give us very few precious seconds with which to make important decisions, this man simply stood up, speared the ball with his right hand and avoided any calamities whatsoever:


Plenty could have gone wrong here. He could have fumbled his precious cargo, dropping either his popcorn or phone while scrambling to make the catch. His phone could have also ended up smashed to bits, too.

Conversely, he could also have literally used the popcorn box as a makeshift glove -- but he clearly didn't need to.

Cap-tip to you, sir, for essentially teaching a master class in Foul Ball Reception.