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Two D-backs fans start fighting over foul ball, decide to just hug it out instead

Getting your hands on a Major League foul ball is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity -- OK, fine, a one-in-1,189 opportunity, but you get the idea. Think of everything that has to go right: the timing, the placement, the awareness. Only the lucky few ever have a shot at taking home a souvenir off the bat of one of their heroes, and when that moment comes, nobody wants to let it go.

But what happens when two fans go for the same foul ball? When that rare opportunity lands in both of their laps at the exact same moment? Chaos? Anarchy? Some Lasorda-on-Phanatic fisticuffs? As a pair of D-backs fans demonstrated during Arizona's 13-7 loss to the Dodgers on Friday, the answer is none of the above: hugs.


Sure, only one of them went home with a souvenir. But they both came away with something far more valuable: friendship.