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D-backs hold Alumni Night at Chase with Gonzo, Matt Williams and other former greats

Yes, it’s the middle of September in the 2012 season, but the D-backs are playing baseball like it’s 1999.

The team held its first ever Alumni Night at Chase Field on Saturday to celebrate an illustrious, albeit short, history.

Not only did the current roster trade in their traditional Sedona Red threads for the throwback purple and teal jerseys, but former players also took the field for the inaugural Alumni Game after the D-backs-Giants contest.

Players such as Luis Gonzalez, Matt Williams, Reggie Sanders and Steve Finley returned to participate in the friendly matchup. Gonzalez managed the red team while Williams took the reigns for the white. Sanders looked the most MLB-ready with a pair of doubles and an RBI. Travis Lee also showed he could still pick it at first with two great plays.

After a hard fought four innings, the game ended in a 2-2 tie. Looks like bragging rights will have to be won next year.

-- Gabe Trujillo / Real-Time Correspondent

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