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To beat the heat, the D-backs' Racing Legends took their shenanigans to the Chase Field pool

Although it was a climate-controlled 79 degrees inside Chase Field for the D-backs' 13-5 win over the Mets on Wednesday, it was 108 degrees outside in Phoenix. That's a certified Hot One for anyone, especially mascots who spend their days racing each other. Thankfully, Arizona's Legends call Chase Field home -- including its famous water feature.


A relaxing day in the pool is exactly what the mascots needed to cool off -- and it was the perfect place to celebrate Rickie Weeks Jr.'s second home run of the night. I just didn't realize mascot Mark Grace's legs were quite so skinny. 

But it wasn't all splash wars and Marco Polo. As the Racing Legends are wont to do, they raced. And instead of breaking a sweat (not to mention body parts), the Legends kept things in the water. With a Phelpsian victory, Luis Gonzalez took home the gold in the 10-meter freestyle -- very freestyle.


That leaves just one question: Do mascots get pruney?