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Reliever Andrew Chafin does his best Dennis the Menace impression in the D-backs' bullpen

Through the first four innings of Thursday's D-backs-Rockies game, there wasn't a whole lot for Arizona's bullpen to do, aside from watching the compelling De La Rosa vs. De La Rosa matchup unfurling before them. Their own Rubby De La Rosa had allowed just one hit through four -- accordingly, there wasn't much warming up for D-backs relievers to do.

But Andrew Chafin found a way to occupy himself ... by turning into MLB's own Dennis the Menace.


Chafin crafted a rubberband slingshot while in the visitor's bullpen at Coors Field and turned it on his teammates. Honestly, it looks like a pretty delightful way to spend an inning. Look at him giggle!

In further shenanigans, Chafin later pulled a bag of sunflower seeds from a bush. Hiding snacks from your teammates?


And here, in case you're curious, is exclusive footage of the projectile's path after it left Chafin's slingshot: