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The D-Backs-Rockies game was delayed by a ... big ol' chunk of dirt

Play was paused momentarily during the fifth inning of the Rockies' 9-7 walk-off win over the D-backs on Sunday, because an unidentified object appeared on the Coors Field pitching mound and no one seemed to know how to respond. A few players and the umpire just stood around, eyeing it warily. Jean Segura dared touch it, once, but no one else wanted to get within three feet of the thing, whatever it was.

Now, maybe we're just fresh from watching the new "Independence Day" movie, but was it, could it possibly be ... extraterrestrial?


Just kidding, it was a big ol' chunk of dirt. A chunk of dirt that seemed to bewilder everyone on the field.

Eventually, though, the Rockies grounds crew came out to dispose of it and, after a couple of inspections, patched everything up on the mound. The game resumed, the Rockies went on to win and the dirt chunk returned to its home planet.