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A dad made this incredible Bryce Harper pancake to feed his kids and raise money for charity

Dad makes Bryce Harper pancake for charity

Bryce Harper has seen dozens of different interpretations of his likeness in more forms than he can probably count: Bobbleheads, T-shirts, snow globes ... the list goes on.

Now, it comes with eggs and bacon, because a dad with a smart phone has made Harper part of balanced breakfast by creating a pancake that looks just like him.

Blogger and father Brady Phelps has been raising money to help provide clean drinking water to those without access. Folks who donate can make request as to who or what he re-creates in pancake form and Harper was his most recent subject.

The beard, the eye black ... it's his spitting image. If he can make the thing do a hair flip, we'd bat it cleanup and send it out to right field.

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