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An Astros fan made Dallas Keuchel his phone's lockscreen, so Keuchel returned the favor

Spring Training is finally here, and the games that count are just around the corner. Starting rotations are beginning to take shape. Mike Trout is running around with weights on his back.

As a fan, it's also time to prepare. Dust off your lucky hat. Make sure your shirsey collection has been properly updated. And make sure to follow the lead of one intrepid Astros fan, who brought his love for Dallas Keuchel all the way to his iPhone:

We're not saying that this small tribute will allow the lefty to take home another AL Cy Young Award, but we're also not not saying it. And if you don't believe us, just ask Keuchel himself: After seeing the tweet, he decided to say thank you in the most touching way possible ... by returning the favor.

Fandom: What goes around comes around.