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There was just one problem with Danny Salazar's throw home: he forgot the ball

Danny Salazar is having a pretty good 2015 season. Before Tuesday's start against the Tigers, his 91 strikeouts on the season were good for fifth in the American League (he moved into fourth after the game), he was averaging more than 11 per nine innings (second only to Chris Sale), and he was sporting a nearly 5-to-1 K-to-BB ratio. But everyone, even a dominating pitcher, occasionally has a moment he'd rather forget.

In the top of the fifth inning, the Tigers had the bases loaded with one out. Miguel Cabrera blooped a pitch just to the right of the mound, which Salazar fielded and tried to throw home to catch Andrew Romine out at the plate. He made the throw … he just forgot the ball. In fact, it went the opposite direction it was supposed to.


"That kind of [throws] you off a little bit," Salazar told's Jordan Bastian of the miscue's effect on the rest of the game.

A blunder on something you've done thousands of times before? Happens to the best of us. 

With Salazar's whiff, what had once been a 1-1 tie became a 2-1 Tigers lead -- a lead which ballooned to 7-1 by the end of the inning. So yeah, probably not a throw Salazar will be committing to memory.