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The Orioles won the Hot Stove season when they signed Darren O'Day's mustache

O's won Hot Stove season by signing O'Day's mustache

The MLB free-agent class of 2015 was as star-studded as they come: former AL Cy Young Award winner Zack Greinke, former AL Cy Young Award winner David Price, Gold Glove Award winner and 30/30 darkhorse candidate Jason Heyward, 40-home run guy Chris Davis ... the list goes on.

But with all that star power available on the open market, the Orioles made the most efficient roster transaction of the offseason when they re-signed relief pitcher Darren O'Day to a four-year, $31 million contract and got his baller mustache for $FREE.99.

The last time O'Day pitched for the O's he looked like this:


On Tuesday, the O's reintroduced their closer to the media and he looked like this:

Talk about an upgrade. With the mountain of video and photographic evidence available now -- and with the integration of Statcast™ technology -- the positive correlation between WAR and impressive facial hair is downright indisputable at this juncture, and the O's just secured the steal of the Hot Stove season. So O'Day growing an incredible mustache in an effort to better market his baseball abilities makes total sense.

The real surprise here isn't his mustache, it's that O'Day had time to sign the contract between bareknuckle boxing British prisoners in the 19th century and tying cartoon characters to the train tracks.

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