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On Star Wars Night at Safeco, Darth Vader served up the King's Court honorary turkey leg

Whenever Felix Hernandez pitches at home, Section 150 at Safeco Field becomes the King's Court -- a sea of gold-shirt-wearing, K-sign-waving, foam-crown-sporting Mariners fans who come from all over to support their team's ace. Among the group's most storied traditions: At some point during the game, the Mariners select the King's Court member with the best costume, and bestow upon him or her their most sacred honor -- a turkey leg, presented by Safeco's executive chef. 

... unless, of course, it's Star Wars Night, like it was during Saturday's game against the Brewers. In that case, the role of "Safeco Field executive chef" will be played instead by Darth Vader in a chef's hat and a lightsaber, because of course.


While we could quibble with the fact that Darth Vader would never be caught with a blue lightsaber -- the color of a Jedi guardian -- we'll instead point out that the winner of said turkey leg was a man in a Chewbacca costume, and his victory was richly deserved.