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A Yu Darvish doppelganger caught a foul ball ... with Yu Darvish pitching

Darvish doppelganger catches foul with Darvish pitching

During the seventh inning of Sunday's Rangers-Angels game, Collin Cowgill smacked aYu Darvish offering into the stands and a lucky fan caught it. That fan was…Yu Darvish? 


Wait. Is that the long-haired Yu Darvish from 2012? Has he bent the fabric of time and travelled into the future just to watch himself strike out Mike Trout?   

Nope, it's just his doppelganger. (Sorry, Yu Darvish is probably not a Time Lord.) Substantially shorter than the 6-foot-5 Darvish, "Minivish" is a regular at Texas games whether home or away, sporting his custom jersey and tiny baseball: 

According to an interview from 2013, he's been cosplaying as the Rangers pitcher for seven or eight years. Rangers fans should feel assured -- if anything happens to the real Yu, he's ready to pitch. 

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