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You might hear David Ortiz in the broadcast booth this season

David Ortiz has spent the first few months of his retirement tossing out cryptic hints of a return to Fenway Park -- or maybe Red Sox fans just really wanted to believe this whole chilling on the beach thing is simply temporary, and so they've been reading into everything.

It's probably the latter, but guess what? According to Red Sox president Sam Kennedy, there is a chance Ortiz returns to Fenway … as a broadcaster.

As WEEI reports, Kennedy offered the possibility on Boston Herald Radio on Tuesday: "[Ortiz has] a lot of different interests. Broadcasting is certainly one. … We'd certainly love to have him part of our local broadcast team on a limited basis."

OK, while all of Boston collectively freaks out, this is actually an excellent idea. For one, there's no one on the planet Red Sox fans would rather listen to than Big Papi. If there was a show that had Ortiz free-associating for 90 minutes during drive time, we're pretty sure it'd be the No. 1-rated program on the radio. Ortiz calling Red Sox games is a no-brainer.

Second, we already know he's a great public speaker:

Yes, the broadcast booth would be a perfect place for Ortiz to spend his retirement. As long as it doesn't get in the way of Papi-cicles.