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Boston and the entire state of Massachusetts paused to say farewell to Big Papi

It's one of the most iconic moments in a career full of them: Before Boston's first home game following the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, David Ortiz took the mic and declared, defiantly, that "this is our city." (We're paraphrasing a bit, of course.)

More than three years later, as Ortiz prepared to play his final regular-season game at Fenway on Sunday against the Jays, Boston -- and the whole state of Massachusetts -- made sure to let Papi know that the feeling is mutual. As if naming a street and a bridge after him wasn't enough, seemingly everybody in the Commonwealth took the time to say farewell to Ortiz, from the city's other sports teams ...

To some former teammates and broadcasters:

(With a little Manny being Manny thrown in for good measure:)

But Ortiz isn't just a sports hero -- he's a civic icon. So, naturally, the congratulations extended all the way to the highest reaches of state goverment:

Like, for example, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh

The Boston Police Department:

Even Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker:

And, of course, no Boston tribute would be complete without the coveted Ben Affleck endorsement: