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David Ortiz takes selfie with DR president, proves he is the presidential selfie king

David Ortiz takes selife with DR president

David Ortiz is arguably one of the best designated hitters of all-time. He's compiled 466 home runs, three World Series titles and a .285/.379/.547 over 18 seasons. But there's always that argument: Where does Harold Baines stand? Is Frank Thomas better? Was Edgar Martinez a demi-god sent to wreak havoc upon this unholy earth? 

OK, yes. Fair points. But there's no arguing that Ortiz's presidential selfie game is better than any DH/ballplayer in the history of the game. After winning the 2013 Fall Classic, he snapped a quick shot with Barack Obama:

main image

And on Thursday, he took one with Danilo Medina -- the president of his native Dominican Republic:

Who's next on Papi's presidential selfie tour? Only time will tell ...

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