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David Ortiz will regale you with the tales of his life in his 'unfiltered' memoir, 'Papi: My Story'

Photo via David Ortiz on Twitter.

Looking at David Ortiz's player page is like reading a story -- the story of a 20-year career in MLB that featured three World Series championships, 10 All-Star Game appearances and lots and lots of dingers. For those he played against, it's a horror story. For Red Sox fans, it's a thrilling epic. Now, as he announced on Tuesday, Ortiz will tell us that story in his own words:

Described by the publisher as an "entertaining, unfiltered memoir," the aptly titled "Papi: My Story," will come out in May. Here's an approximation of Red Sox fans' reactions when they read "unfiltered" and "Papi" in the same sentence:


Ortiz has already co-authored one book, 2008's "Big Papi: My Story of Big Dreams and Big Hits," which chronicled his path to the Major Leagues and his first two World Series titles with Boston. Since then, Papi has added another championship, six All-Star Games and 275 home runs to his story -- not to mention whatever he's been getting up to in his post-MLB career. So yes, there will be plenty to cover.

Fellow 2016-retiree David Ross' memoir will also come out this May, so baseball fans will have plenty of between-inning reading to get them through the season.