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David Price and then-teammate Wade Davis once checked out of a hotel because it was haunted

Ballplayers may not be afraid of stepping in against 95-mph fastballs or laying out for a line drive, but it turns out there is one thing that can make both fans and players shiver: ghosts. 

In fact, if we are to assume that ghosts are real and that hotels are hotspots for paranormal activity, ballplayers probably come into contact with more spirits than the average person simply because of all the travel they have to do. It shouldn't be a surprise then that Red Sox starter David Price has had his own run-in with something from the other side.

During Boston's 3-0 victory over the Yankees on Sunday night, Karl Ravech revealed that Price once had his own run-in with a ghost as a Minor Leaguer while rooming with his former teammate on the Rays, Wade Davis. 

It all happened when the two were staying together in a hotel in Scranton, Penn., that was rumored to be haunted by World War I-era ghosts from when the hotel was used as a morgue. The two "heard knocking on their door and nobody was there, they turned the AC on cool and all of a sudden it would turn to hot," Ravech said. "So, the next morning, after hearing what they described as kind of like screams, they were both at the front desk at 7:30 in the morning -- with their suitcases." 

As Davis told's Jeffrey Flanagan before the 2015 postseason: 

"That's how serious it was -- we're never up at 7:30 after a game," Davis said. "But we sure were that morning. All the stuff that went on -- not cool."

It's certainly not the first hotel that ballplayers have said is haunted. Milwaukee's Pfister Hotel is a hotbed for paranormal activity, with multiple players including Ji-Man Choi , Adrian Beltre  and an unnamed Pirates player that Clint Hurdle comforted all experiencing someone or something that goes bump in the night. 

Is the Scranton hotel really haunted? Perhaps Price and Davis could travel to the hotel this offseason with noted paranormal researcher Jon Gray and really bust some heads -- in a spiritual sense, of course.