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Did David Price's glove catch this comebacker, or did this comebacker catch David Price's glove?

David Price sticks glove up to snare comebacker

We've seen a lot of great catches this year. Kevin Kiermaier showed an ability to leap outfield walls in a single bound (sometimes to no avail), Nolan Arenado had no regard for the welfare of his body or the infield tarp and Josh Donaldson even redefined "in play."

But all of those grabs, jaw-dropping as they were, had one thing in common: They all benefitted from being able to see the baseball. David Price, during Monday's Yankees-Blue Jays game, had no such concerns: 

Price comebacker

A little lucky? Maybe, you skeptic, you. But may we offer an alternative theory: This was merely one scene in Price's Jedi training montage: 

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