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ESPN The Magazine cover confirms David Ross helped make 2016 the craziest sports year

David Ross is on the cover of ESPN The Magazine this month along with Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles and Cavs forward J.R. Smith, celebrating 2016 as the "CRAZIEST SPORTS YEAR EVER:"

Hmmm. Biles put in a historic performance at Rio and Smith and the Cavs became the first team to ever come back and win the title after being down 3-1 in the NBA Finals. But did Ross also have the craziest 2016? Let's review the tape of his final MLB season: 

The 39-year-old started the year as Grandpa Rossy, gifted by his teammates with a motorized scooter to get around Spring Training. A couple of weeks into the regular season, he caught Jake Arrieta's second career no-hitter. He homered in his final regular-season home game to thunderous applause. He topped that finale in Game 7 of the World Series, in which he entered late, mashed a heroic home run, and was carried off the field by his teammates to celebrate Chicago's first championship in 108 years. Then he took a selfie with thousands and thousands of Cubs fans, and now he's writing a book about it all.

OK, yes, yes -- Ross definitely belongs on this cover. 

"It's rewarding riding into the sunset," Ross told ESPN. "What better way to go?"

Especially after you've vanquished a decades-old curse: