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Debate Jon Niese's field-goal-kicking prowess with Dillon Gee, Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler

Dillon Gee asks: Can Jon Niese kick a 53-yard FG?

Mets pitchers want to know: Can Jon Niese kick a 53-yard field goal?

Let me explain: There were some late-game heroics in the Georgia-Georgia Tech college football matchup Saturday afternoon, as Harrison Butker kicked a 53-yard field goal to send the game to overtime, during which the Yellow Jackets ultimately won.

Naturally, Mets pitcher Zack Wheeler, a Georgia native, was watching. And he was pretty impressed:

Then Wheeler's rotation mate, Dillon Gee, posited a simple question:

That's Niese as in fellow Mets pitcher Jon Niese, who according to Gee and Wheeler, apparently has quite the confidence -- perhaps questionably so -- in his field-goal-kicking abilities.

Even Matt Harvey confirms that Niese would absolutely put his leg against Butker's:

So the question is: Can Niese kick a 53-yard field goal? It wasn't record-setting, but 53 yards is still pretty darn long. Not just anyone, professional athlete or not, could pull it off. 

But why stop there -- what about other impressive sports feats? Could Niese serve a tennis ball over 120 mph? Could he sink a basketball from half-court? Could he score a penalty shot against an NHL goalie?

Well, if his non-MLB sports skills are anything like his kick-saving soccer skills, we'll have to give him the benefit of the doubt:


Who knows? Maybe Mets Spring Training will include a field-goal competition. 

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