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Dee Gordon broke the tie thanks to a 40-foot Little League 'home run'

When games reach extra innings, it can sometimes feel like no team will ever score a run again. That certainly seemed the case in the Marlins' 6-3 victory against the Padres, as the teams headed into the 11th inning tied at 2. At that point, no runner had crossed the plate since the sixth inning -- thanks in part to Martin Prado's 10th-inning, game-saving dive

Runs, like life, find a way, though. Dee Gordon proved that. With Justin Bour on first base in the top of the 11th, Gordon grounded the ball a few feet in front of home plate. With his speed, that's always dangerous. 

Fortunately for the Marlins, Jose Torres' throw was even more dangerous. With the second baseman late to the bag, Torres' toss went all the way into the corner, letting the speedy Marlin race around the bases.


If you want a diagram of the event, here's a helpful one: 


Padres manager Andy Green wasn't pleased. "One of the uglier plays you'll see. … Swinging bunt, which kind of throws off the defensive vibe a little bit," the skipper told's Jay Paris. "Solarte is supposed to come aggressively to first base on the bunt. But the swing froze him for a second. By the time we picked that baseball up, there's nobody on first base. We've got a young guy on the mound, it's a big situation. We tried to make a throw, and there was nobody there."

Oddly enough, Gordon's time around the bases was 16.9 seconds -- a full second slower than Adam Rosales' "trot" earlier in the day. There's an explanation for that, though. "I was happy [Bour] was going to score and I was going to stop at third," Gordon said. "Then [third-base coach] Fredi [Gonzalez] was waving me in and I said, 'OK, I got to run a little faster.''' 

While Gordon's home run went almost directly into the ground, Giancarlo Stanton hit a laser-beam of a dinger later in the inning that some say made a complete rotation of the Earth before stopping. Instead of a bloop and a blast, this was a blooper and a blast.