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Dee Gordon's holiday shopping list starts with hopes for new double play partner

Dee Gordon's holiday list starts with new shortstop

With sources saying that Hanley Ramirez is about to sign with the Red Sox, returning to the team where he made his Major League debut (albeit for only two at-bats), Dee Gordon is in sudden need of a fellow middle infielder. The All-Star second baseman tweeted on Monday afternoon: 

Though Justin Turner (coming off a season in which he hit .340 while playing every infield position) and Miguel Rojas gamely offered their services: 

Gordon and the Dodgers may still shop around. Thanks to an inside source, we were able to get a peak at Gordon's holiday shopping list. Here's what the All-Star second baseman will be looking for on Friday at 4 a.m.: 

1. A new shortstop

2. New cleats after burning his way through these

3. A congratulations-for-making-the-Hall-of-Fame-ballot present for Dad. (What do you even get for that? A new tie?!)

4. A gigantic television that can blot out the sun. Perfect for those "Gilmore Girls" marathons. They talk so fast! 

5. A cosmic treadmill. Does that exist? Just imagine how fast I'll be next season if it does, though. 

6. A nice jacket. You know, for evenings out and stuff. 

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