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Defensive wizard Nolan Arenado ranged all the way to the first-base side of the mound on a bunt

All Nolan Arenado does is dazzle on both sides of the field -- and his latest feat of defensive wizardry came in the Rockies' 5-3 win over the Reds on Monday night at Coors Field. 

Arenado, still basking in the glow of winning the NL's starting third baseman spot in the upcoming All-Star Game presented by Mastercard, showed folks just how he's attained the status of one of the game's most awe-inspiring talents.

In the fifth, Reds pitcher Luis Castillo laid down a bunt that rolled toward the first-base side of the mound. 

But look! There's Nolan, flying in from off-screen to grab the ball and fire a strike to second base for a forceout:


Here's a freeze-frame for good measure, so you can really appreciate this scene:

Range like that is just crazy, but apparently Arenado had wanted to show it off for some time. "I've been wanting to do that for a long time," he told's Daniel Kramer. "I just haven't been able to because no one has really done it yet." 

"What was going through my head," Arenado explained, "was that [Castillo's] a young pitcher and I knew that he's just trying to get the bunt down. That's his job, so I was like, 'OK, I'm going to charge him.'" Arenado read the situation perfectly and now can check that play off his to-do list.