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Defying strike zone conventions, Adrian Beltre decided to swing at a pitch that was helmet-high

After more than 10,000 plate appearances, Adrian Beltre has seen a lot of pitches -- all kinds of pitches. He's seen low pitches, high pitches, very low pitches and very high pitches. In the ninth inning of the Rangers-Tigers game on Thursday night, Beltre saw an extremely high fastball from Alfredo Simon. One that was about even with his helmet. 

He decided to swing anyway.


Look, we can't all be Eddie Rosario, homering on pitches at face-level. Sometimes, one out away from game-over, you have the unshakeable urge to swing at whatever comes your way. You want to say, "No! I defy your strike zone conventions! I will hit any pitch I please!" Beltre, apparently, had such an urge. But alas, it did not end well for him -- that swing brought the count to 1-1, and he grounded out two pitches later, ending the game.

You can't walk off every time, unfortunately.