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Democrats defeat Republicans 22-0 in Congressional Baseball Game

We previewed this year's Congressional Baseball Game yesterday, but no one predicted the game would be a 22-run drubbing by the Democrats at Nationals Park. The Republicans failed to score a single run, extending the Left's winning streak to five years now. You can click here to see the full roster for each side.

If you sneak a peek at that scoreboard, you'll see the Right's problem -- three hits and five errors aren't gonna win you a baseball game. That said, Louisiana Democrat Rep. Cedric Richmond did a stellar job pitching for the Donkeys (it wasn't Georgia Democrat Frank Underwood?).

The game raised $300,000 for a few D.C. based charities, and the winners got a sweet trophy to hold onto for a year. And if you think the representatives don't care about winning, you'd be wrong. Just take a trip through the Congressional Record:

Mr. BARTON of Texas: Madam Speaker, there have been those on the other side of the aisle who, from time to time, have spoken of the lack of generosity, of the stinginess, and of the coldheartedness of the Republicans, but the seventh inning last night should put that to rest forever. We were very generous. Every man of the Republican nine made some effort in generosity of spirit to drop balls, to misplace throws, or to go out of their way to make sure that, at least on the diamond, the Democrats would feel good. (June 30, 2010)

-- Dakota Gardner /