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Denard Span showed that first base is a place of common courtesy, even after a pickoff throw

First base might be the friendliest place on the baseball diamond. While you may think putting members of opposing teams in such tight confinements could lead to animosity, first base is a place of shoulder rubs and heartfelt reunions. It is also, as Denard Span demonstrated during the Giants' 4-0 win over the D-backs on Sunday night, a place of common courtesy.


After Archie Bradley attempted (and failed) to pick Span off in the first inning, the Giants' center fielder scooped up the baseball and kindly handed it back to first baseman Paul Goldschmidt before it rolled away -- the same baseball that, had the pickoff throw been successful, would've spelled Span's doom. And yet there were no hard feelings.

Span eventually came around to score the Giants' first run of the game on Buster Posey's single. As always, living well is the best revenge.