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After a foul-ball homer, Denard Span sent a home run straight into McCovey Cove

You've probably often heard a broadcaster say that a batter just needs to "straighten it out" after they've hit a deep drive foul. Rarely does it actually happen. But on Thursday, as the Giants took on the Indians, Denard Span seemed to follow that advice. 

Batting in the bottom of the fifth, Span first got a hold of Carlos Carrasco's offering and drove it ... wide of the foul pole:


And then, on the 2-2 pitch, he kept the distance and kept it in fair territory. This time, the stadium couldn't contain it and he dropped in for the 75th Splash Hit by a Giants hitter


"Normally it's the other way around. Normally you hit a foul home run and the next pitch you strike out," Span told's Jonathan Hawthorne. "We as hitters notice it, too. I wouldn't even think about it, hitting a foul home run. I knew I had two strikes."

The homer also puts Span just one watery dinger behind Brandon Belt for third on the all-time Splash Hit charts: 

Now, the real question is this: Just how does Span even stand, much less hit homers, when this is how he starts his stance: