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Derek Holland is a natural on live television

Derek Holland is a natural on live television

"Wait, is this on the air?"

That's how the above clip of Derek Holland on MLB Network's Intentional Talk begins. He says it with a bit of tentative surprise, but there's nothing to worry about: Amid the discussion of his dog Wrigley, his love of Texas pro sports teams and Michigan football, Holland proves that he's a natural on TV.

For further proof, just look at this moment from a Dallas Mavericks game:


Pure natural grace. 

Holland explains his acting method: "[The reporter] asked me to come up there … He saw me eating, and he's like 'Hey, why don't you just come stuff your face right in front of the camera?' and I was like 'Dude, that's a piece of cake.'"

The six-year Ranger is used to performing in front of a large crowd, of course, but his on-camera deftness off the field really is quite something. 

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