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Derek Jeter watches 'Days of Our Lives' and other things we learned during his Twitter Q-and-A

Derek Jeter wrapped up a phenomenal 20-year career with the Yankees when he chopped an infield single to third base at Fenway Park, earning an RBI in his final Major League at-bat. 

With his playing days in the rearview, Jeter wasted no time diving head-first into his second act ... as a media mogul? On Wednesday, Jeet announced the launch of the The Players' Tribune, a website meant to connect athletes to fans in a new way. 

While the site is still in its infancy, The Captain fielded questions from the masses via Twitter. To save you some time, we went ahead and combed through the whole thing and pulled out the sweetest little morsels of information ... like that Jeter's afraid of cats and that he hopes to own a baseball team one day.