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Rafael Devers' Green Monster homer inspired one of the best photos of the year

Photo by Matt Stone/Boston Herald

When Rafael Devers hit a home run to left field in the Red Sox's 9-5 win over the White Sox on Thursday, it wasn't just the third home run in what already is a very promising Major League career for the 20-year-old. No, this one also inspired photographic glory as the ball pinballed around the seats over the Monster. 

As the ball ricocheted between fans, all hungry for a home run ball, photographer Matt Stone captured a baseball photo for the ages: 

This has all the makings of an "I Spy" photo. Can you spot the man who can't believe his bad luck? Can you spot the woman who needs just a few more inches on her wingspan? Do you see the kid that can't believe his luck? 

Of course, the kid that really probably can't believe his luck is Devers himself given the hot start to his career. So this one has multiple meanings.