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Did Aroldis Chapman blow a save because he ate 18 pastries?

Aroldis Chapman blew his second consecutive save on Sunday, paving the way for a 3-2 Phillies win over his Reds. It turns out that the otherwise unflappable closer may have eaten something that didn't agree with him. Well, many somethings.

Before the game, Phillies broadcaster Rickie Ricardo (no, not that Ricky Ricardo) brought the pitcher three boxes of Cuban pastelitos filled with guava and cream cheese -- and Aroldis proceeded to eat 18 of the pastries before taking the mound. Lo and behold, Chapman allowed back-to-back homers in the ninth, and CBS Philly reports that his typically 100-mph fastball averaged only 95 mph in that inning.

Coincidence, or sweet, flaky consequence? Has a player ever been sent to the DL for too many num-nums?

-- Molly Fitzpatrick /