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Did Puerto Rico or Japan have the better superfans on Sunday?

These Puerto Rico fans know how to party, and they fully expect their home country to take home its first World Baseball Classic championship trophy once all is said and done.

Prior to Sunday night's contest between Puerto Rico and Japan, they treated the crowd gathering in front of AT&T Park to some Puerto Rico-style music and dance.

But are they the ultimate WBC superfans in San Francisco? This Japan supporter also staked a claim to that title:

He was walking with a purpose in front of AT&T Park prior to the game as well.

Having come to San Francisco all the way from Tokyo, and complete with a cape and homemade World Baseball Classic championship trophy, Toro was ready to celebrate a third consecutive Classic title for his home country -- which, unfortunately for him, won't happen after the result of Sunday's game.

-- Manny Randhawa / Contributor to

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