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Discuss: Are bearded dudes better at catching home runs?

On Sunday, Seattle native Mark Handley snagged Kendrys Morales's 10th-inning walk-off homer. Wednesday night, Handley caught Raul Ibanez's 18th home run of the year ... and did we mention that he grabbed a Michael Saunders shot earlier this season?

"But how can you be sure it was the same man?" you ask. Just kidding. You would never ask that, because the answer is obvious -- it'd impossible to overlook his glorious beard.

In fact, this guy reminds us of a Rockies fan with memorable facial hair of his own. Meet Brian Wenzel, who'd already caught three homers in Colorado by mid-May.

We think we're on to something. What if beards, with their heightened follicle sensitivity to wind direction and velocity, improve fielding ability?

Exhibit A: Josh Reddick

Josh Reddick

Exhibit B: Jayson Werth

Jayson Werth

Exhibit C: Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper

Then again ... there's two sides to every issue.

Mike Trout

What do you think?

-- Molly Fitzpatrick /

(Photo and reporting by Connor Hutyler)