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Distinguished dogs come out for 'Bark in the Park Day' at Chase Field

Well, now I know that a bunch of dogs are more talented than I'll ever be in my lowly, human life.

Sunday was Bark in the Park Day at Chase Field and three very successful canines were interviewed during the D-backs-Padres broadcast.

Youk is apparently a reality TV star traveling the country to visit various cities, ballparks and pet-friendly hotels. He’s also much stronger and probably more handsome than I am. His friend Guinness is a surfing dog. I can only boogie board, and when I do, I usually end up eating piles upon piles of wet sand. I may have actually swallowed an entire hermit crab during one run. Youk's third friend is a rescue dog. I try to avoid situations where someone may need rescuing just on principle.

Every dog has its day, and these three have had more than the average pooch.

-- Matt Monagan /