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Alex Wood lost his glove trying to make a behind-the-back play

Alex Wood lost his glove trying behind-the-back play

Way back in mid-August, Clayton Kershaw made this behind-the-back play that cemented his not-of-this-world status:


Teammate Alex Wood saw that move, and had likely been waiting, day after day since Aug. 18, to try it himself. Finally, on Friday night, an opportunity presented itself. Derrick Norris thwacked a pitch that bounced in the dirt right in front of the plate and headed right past the pitchers mound. Wood had but a second to compose himself. The moment was now. He took a deep breath, thought dearly of his loved ones, and spun around.


... Well, it was a good try, and Howie Kendrick made the play to retire Norris anyway. But Wood probably regrets handling all that butter in the clubhouse right before the game.

And so he must wait for another chance at behind-the-back immortality. Next time, Alex. Next time. 

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