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Dodgers catcher Drew Butera pitched a scoreless inning and hit 94 on the gun

Dodgers catcher Butera pitches scoreless 9th

There are few things more entertaining in baseball than pitchers pretending to be position players and position players pretending to be pitchers. Fans at Dodger Stadium were treated to an impressive dose of the latter on Wednesday when catcher Drew Butera put his pitching hat on and tossed a scoreless ninth for the home team.

Butera got Miami's Christian Yelich and Ed Lucas out to start the frame before hitting 94 on the gun to sit Marcell Ozuna down on strikes, capping off the 1-2-3 inning. Now if he could just step up his beard game, maybe we'll be rooting to see him trot out of the Dodgers bullpen on the regular.

Butera Pitches Ninth

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