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Watch Chris Bassitt's dog surf like a champion at Bark at the Park Night in Oakland

Bark at the Park Night is arguably one of the best promotions of the baseball season. Where else can you see pups sitting in the stands dressed to the nines in whatever (usually ill-fitting) team garb their owners could find?

It's also, apparently, an opportunity for dogs to go surfing in the parking lot, which happened before the A's outlasted the Rays, 1-0, in 13 innings at the Coliseum on Friday night.

Now, Oakland may be in the Bay Area and near some water, but the Coliseum itself is not up against a beach. Thankfully, there are man-made wavepools that can simulate this sort of thing. Ansley, a dog belonging to A's right-hander Chris Bassitt, handled them quite well: 

The amazing spectacle of dogs surfing is courtesy of the Lucy Pet Foundation, which is currently auditioning the most capable canines for a float in the 2017 Rose Bowl Parade, which A's marketing coordinator Laiken Whitters says will be the heaviest and longest float in Rose Bowl history, if all goes according to plan.

So, if you're interested in dogs surfing -- as well you should be -- you should tune into next year's Rose Bowl Parade ... 

As for the rest of the A's dog-themed night at the ballpark, well, there were plenty of opportunities for great photos: