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Don't call Oakland's Triple-A team the 'Rivercats' or it'll cost you a dollar

It's River Cats, okay. The Sacramento River Cats. NOT "Rivercats". DEFINITELY NOT "RiverCats".

R-i-v-e-r SPACE C-a-t-s.

Got it? Good, because if you don't, the Sacramento River Cats will fine you a dollar. Media, corporate sponsors, season ticket holders: Everyone. No one is immune. Interestingly, Twitter mentions are not covered by the edict, but if you write "River cats" on your Facebook wall, you'd better be prepared to pay.

The money all goes to the River Cats Foundation, which should ease the pain and humiliation associated with your negligence.

Check out the press release below. As they say, "you've been warned:"

River Cats

-- Dakota Gardner /

(h/t Craig Calcaterra via Twitter)