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Dugout Dish: The weekend's top Tweets across MLB

We at The Wall compile samplings of some of the more light-hearted tweets from Major Leaguers. Comments in italics are not the players’ words.

Vance Worley: Hello

Amanda McCarthy: This pretty well sums up a day in the life for us.. @BMcCarthy32
OK, not directly a player tweet, but Brandon McCarthy and his wife have this whole love/hate thing down pat ...

Brett Anderson: Yet to find it acceptable when a guy wears a floral print shirt or has a ponytail.
How about floral print shirt, tucked in and buttons left open, with wavy hair and mustache? Sorry, Mr. Baseball.

Dontrelle Willis: Ace Ventura is on #classic
Speaking of floral print shirts ... and wow that hair!

Brandon League: Everyone better be watching UFC 143!! I am with a corona and my tight bike shorts!! #WithoutSportsCup
Brandon League, you're new to Twitter, so it's an understandable rookie mistake. But TMI dude. TMI.

Mitch Stetter: Green Bay Packer bar with no cheese curds? #cmonman
That's like being at a Phillies bar with no cheesesteaks, or at a Mariners bar without Ichirolls ...

Dee Gordon: I was born the same year we won a world series... Time to change that!
Or at a Dodgers bar with no Dodger Dogs!

Your turn: Best ballpark food that's unique to your stadium? Leave it in the comments.