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During the Cubs Con kids press conference, a young fan asked Anthony Rizzo to be her valentine

The Cubs Convention took place this past weekend, providing fans with player meet-and-greets, baby news (?) and autograph sessions from current and former players. One of the more fun activities was a panel led by Anthony Rizzo -- although, this wasn't your typical Q&A session.

Rizzo hosted the kids-only press conference with Kris Bryant, Javier Baez, Kyle Schwarber and Clark the Cub in his company. The Cubs first baseman's favorite event did not leave him with anything less than entertainment as young fans asked him anything and everything.

As hilarious as some of the questions were, nothing compared to an adorable girl asking Rizzo if he would be her valentine:


He accepted and even asked if they could all be her valentine.

This may not have been your typical press conference, but it certainly was a memorable one.