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Edinson Volquez singled to become the first Royals pitcher ever to get a hit in the World Series

Volquez becomes first Royals pitcher to get a WS hit

In the third inning of World Series Game 5 on Sunday night, Edinson Volquez did something no Royals pitcher has ever done.

He got a hit.


Volquez's leadoff single was also the first hit for an American League pitcher since Cliff Lee for the Rangers in 2010 -- accordingly, he and his teammates were all smiles.

Sure, the hit was erased after Alcides Escobar grounded into a double play in the next at-bat. But from now until the end of time, whenever a Royals pitcher gets a hit in the postseason, Volquez's name is going to leap off of every trivia buff's tongue. 

Volquez pitched six innings, held the Mets to two runs and let his teammates do the rest -- securing their first World Series Championship in 30 years. It's like we're watching Today In Postseason History in real time.