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Edwin Encarnacion tried on Melvin Upton Jr.'s sunglasses and wanted no part of it

The Indians' 2-1 win in ALCS Game 2 on Saturday got started just after 4 p.m. ET, or as it's known in Cleveland, the exact time at which the sun begins to set over Progressive Field. This means three things: There will be plenty of shadows, plenty of glare and plenty of problems seeing the ball -- if you don't believe us, just ask Josh Tomlin :


Recognizing the threat posed by baseball's foremost creator of bloopers, Toronto first baseman Edwin Encarnacion wanted to prepare himself with some sunglasses. There was just one rule: Make sure they aren't Melvin Upton Jr.'s sunglasses, because he wants nothing to do with them.


While we can never be sure just what Encarnacion saw through those shades, we do know that this is but the latest battle in his longstanding war against sun protection.