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Elliot Johnson will give you a prize for guessing Joe Maddon's lineup

It's every Rays fan's favorite pastime: Guess Joe Maddon's lineup.

Evan Longoria batting leadoff? Seen it. Desmond Jennings down in the seven-hole? It happened. Even Rays players have been known to get in on the guessing game. And now, Elliot Johnson is formalizing it in Twitter contest form:

His official rules:

  • Picks must be tweeted to him at least four hours prior to first pitch to "prevent insider trading."
  • Entries must predict all the players in correct order, with defensive positions to win the grand prize.
  • Winner(s) receive(s) two tickets to a home game, field passes for batting practice and a Johnson-autographed baseball.

Meanwhile, the manager who will pencil in that starting lineup every Tuesday totally digs the idea.

"I'll throw something in there, too, for the winner," Maddon said. "Maybe the lineup card itself ... I'll sign it down in the corner there, scribble marks, maybe some tea stains, possibly some dribble from sushi. Something like that."

--J.B. Long

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