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After dodging a foul ball, Elvis Andrus kindly asked Robinson Chirinos to hit it fair

A Major League team has a lot of coaches, from the manager to the first-base coach down to the bullpen coach. If there's instruction needed, there's a coach for it.

During Thursday night's game against the A's, the Rangers appeared to temporarily add another coach to their staff. After shortstop Elvis Andrus hit the deck to avoid a foul ball from Robinson Chirinos, he transformed himself into the team's unofficial Hit-It-That-Way Coach: 


Chirinos immediately produced results under Andrus' admittedly brief tutelage. On the very next pitch, he hit the ball to the right of the third-base bag. Unfortunately, it was a ground ball that ended the inning. Maybe next time, Andrus should just ask his teammate to hit a home run and see if he obliges.