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The ghost of the Rangers' basepath has claimed Elvis Andrus as its next victim

When it came for Prince Fielder last season -- not once, but twice -- we turned the other way. "Running the bases is hard sometimes!" we said, "it's only natural that a player would hilariously slip and fall from time to time." But then, just last week, we began to wonder -- what could possibly have made Adrian Beltre scramble back to first base like he was in a Scooby-Doo chase scene?

And during Wednesday's Angels-Rangers game, our worst fears were finally confirmed: The basepaths at Globe Life Park are clearly haunted. Behold, the havoc they wreaked on Elvis Andrus just for thinking about taking an extra base:

Sure, his teammates had some fun in the dugout, but who's to say they aren't next? Luckily, Beltre himself can lead the Evasive Maneuvers 101 course: