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Enrique Hernandez learns the golden rule of Hot Stove season: Be specific with your tweets

Hernandez's emoji tweets lead to trade speculation

On Wednesday afternoon, the Internet was sent into a frenzy when word leaked of a possible trade involving the Reds, Dodgers and White Sox. But who was going where? How many players were involved? Twitter feeds were frantically refreshed. Speculation abounded. The Hot Stove threatened to consume us all like so many "Home Alone" villains.

The baseball world needed information. Enter the Twitter account of banana suit magnate and all-around adorable human being Enrique Hernandez:


Wait a minute, don't they call Chicago the Windy City? Could this be a break in the case? Dodgers fans certainly thought so:

Except, well:

Stand down, everyone. We have visual confirmation:

A potential Twitter crisis averted, Hernandez learned a valuable lesson: Make sure you're very, very discerning with your emojis.

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