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Enter San Fran-man: The Giants are having a Metallica Night in May and Barry Zito is getting an early start

Anger. Misery. Opponents' bats will suffer unto Z.

That might be the idea for Barry Zito, who was seen soaking in the destructive vibes of San Francisco's own harvesters of sorrow in a Wednesday tweet from the Giants' official Twitter. The team is hosting a Metallica Night on May 3, which will feature a Metallica-themed Giants hat and a Metallica rendition of the national anthem. On that night, nothing else matters.

Except beating the Dodgers -- aka those for whom, Giants fans hope, the bell tolls. It should also be noted that this is not the first time the four horsemen have appeared at a Bay Area team's stadium with the intent of invoking doom onto a foe:

-- Dan Wohl /