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Episode 10 of the Cut4Cast: The Unwritten Rules

Episode 10 of the Cut4Cast: The Unwritten Rules

As the season wraps up its third full week, a number of exciting narratives have entered the fore with unwritten rules, pickoffs, and #WeirdBaseball ruling our hearts and minds. So, for this week's episode of the Cut4Cast, Dakota has assembled Ben and Michael to break down these breaking news stories that really matter. It's basically "20/20" but, you know, baseball. 

Stream the Cut4Cast here or subscribe on iTunes. Here's a guide to this week's episode, with a look at the topics discussed and some selected quotes: 

2:30 -  "What is the most important unwritten rule about being a fan?"

Michael: "Everybody keeps talking about standing desks. I'm looking for a laying-down desk, so I can write about the best new fan catch while in bed, blankets up and just one finger poking out." 

Dakota: "My Dad has this motto he always says. In the '70s, he heard an interview with the then-world's oldest man and the guy said that his secret to living forever was "Why stand when you can sit? Why sit when you can lie down?" That's become my Dad's ethos and that's his entire reason for being." 

Ben: "Don't spill on anyone. Make as few people move as possible. That should be the rule in life."

13:20 - "What is the one story of April that you are so happy about and you want to share with the world?" 

Ben: "[Lester] can't and won't throw to first. Have we seen him throw to second or third this season? I can't recall. I don't know if we've seen him throw to home that wasn't a pitch. What happens if bases loaded, runner on third or something, there's a blooper back to the pitcher and all he has to do is toss it to home and the runner is out. Does he fire a fastball? Can he throw to a base that isn't a pitch?

Michael: "50 years from now, they'll call this the era of Bartolo Colon."

Dakota: "We're all out here playing checkers and Billy Beane is back there playing chess. He understands that the most important thing is to put together a team that everybody likes. It's like a delicious buffet with endless options."

 29:40 - "What is your favorite #WeirdBaseball moment?"

Michael: "It's like watching Adult Swim when they make those fake infomercials that turn into these terrifying horror films. It doesn't make any sense. It's a dreamscape." 

Ben: "All of a sudden you look and there's five guys where there should be four. There was a game earlier this season, I think it was Diamondbacks and the Dodgers, and Puig was playing third and then there was a walkoff anyway ... it didn't even matter." 

Dakota: "Now that we've launched Statcast, I think Major League Baseball will move into that as the next great front -- the Click technology from the Academy Award-winning film, "Click." Don't check that."