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Chris Young's pickoff move is so powerful, it ripped a hole in Eric Hosmer's mitt

Young's pickoff throw rips hole in Hosmer's glove

It's easy to see why Jon Lester never throws over to first base. Some might call it "the yips," but really, so many things could go wrong. Maybe the first baseman isn't there. Maybe the throw hits the runner and caroms into the outfield. Maybe the ball rips a hole in the first baseman's mitt.

Royals pitcher Chris Young learned that lesson the hard way on Tuesday when his pickoff attempt proved too much for Eric Hosmer's mitt to handle in the first game of a doubleheader with the Rays. With Evan Longoria at the plate in the top of the fourth, Young tried to catch Joey Butler napping over at first base, but the throw ripped through Hosmer's glove, allowing Butler to move into scoring position.


Hosmer was charged with an error on the play, but that's an enviable position compared to what lurks in that glove's future. That mitt's gonna have to go to the equipment hospital to undergo emergency surgery and, even if it pulls through, will have to hope it isn't just put out to stud.

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