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Eric Thames hit two-run HRs to beat the Reds in back-to-back games and the photos are almost identical

In baseball, repetition is the key to success (unless you're doing this, don't keep doing this). But when you hit a two-run home run to beat a team, 2-0, as Eric Thames did against the Reds on Tuesday night -- why not try the same exact swing the next day? Of course you should try the same exact swing the next day.

As you can see in these photos below, Thames literally did the same exact thing the next day:

Here's the two-run homer Thames hit Wednesday, not as far as the first, but still in the same direction over the right-field wall:

If only Reds catcher Tyler Barnhart had stood up a little bit more for Wednesday's picture. I guess he was busy playing baseball.'s Adam McCalvy talked to Thames about his performance postgame.

"It was weird. At least, we were getting guys on base, in scoring position. Just one big hit. We'd hit a ball hard, right at a guy. We're catching some tough breaks. A 'W' is the most important thing. We won, everyone is happy. Come back at the Marlins tomorrow. As a team, we're just going to try to win series."

Thames now has 18 homers over the last two Aprils and 10 against the Reds. The way he copies his swing in those two photos, it's hardly a surprise.